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Why Choose Wedding Flowers By The Season

Updated: Apr 4

Choosing your floral arrangements by the season truly reflects the month you are getting married. Think pretty pastel shade blooms for spring or bright coloured bouquets for summer.  Choosing your flowers by their season is also very cost effective.

When a flower variety is blooming in season it will be cheaper for your florist to buy and the reduced price can be passed onto you. Requesting certain flowers that are not in season will result in additional cost and this is where the added expense adds up. 

For example requesting peonies in September when they are not in season. They are at their best in May and the quality and fragrance reflects this.

Here is a list of a few Flowers in Season Throughout the Year.



Poinsettias, Hellebores, Amaryllis, Hyacinth, Eryngium, Heliconia, Muscari, Anenomie 


Hyacinths, Chrysanthemums, Tulips, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, wax flower

February Anemone, Banksia, Calla Lillies, Roses, Lisianthus, Narcissus, Buplerium, Genista, Calla Lillian


March Bouvardia, Buplerium, Iris, Stocks, Phlox,Veronica, Narcissi April

Spray Carnations, Forget-Me-Knots, Ranunculas, Agapanthus, Sweet William, Moluccella, Hydrangeas, Tulips


Peonies, Agapanthus, , Sweet Williams, Roses,Moluccella, Lily of the valley, Roses, Aster, Amaranthus, Cornflowers 



Celosia, Viburnum, Sunflowers, Delphiniums, Aster, Hydrangea, Nigella, Lavender 


 Gypsophelia, Nerine, Strelizias, Sweet pea, Cosmos, Antirrhinum, Astilbe, Scabious 

August Roses, MintPrunus, Godetia, Hydrangeas, Phlox, Agapanthus, Bouvardia, Dahlia, Alstromeria 



Achillea, Eryngium, Sunflower, Sedum, Ammi, Crocosmia

October Gladiolus, Papaver pods, Skimmia, Tuberose, Ornithogalum, Carthamus, Physalis,  November Moluccella, Leucospurnham, Protea, Cornus

When are flower prices likely to be higher? During the Winter season prices tend to be higher. The festival holidays also play a huge roll in flower prices. Christmas, Valentines Day and Mothers Day are what are classed as peak trading. For example the cost of a red rose is a lot cheaper when it's not Valentines trading prices. At Christmas the price of red flowers go up significantly and at Mothers Day pink flowers are more expensive, not to forget international mothers as this also reflects flower prices in the UK. The peak trading prices will go up roughly 10 days either side of the festival holiday. 

Pros and cons of all year round available flowers. Another thing to remember is that some flowers now are available all through the year. Roses, Lillies, Carnations, Gerbera, and Iris. This is achieved by force growing the blooms in big greenhouses. Holland plays a huge role in this, however the drawback is that the blooms loose most if not all their fragrance. A good example of this are Roses: How often do you smell a rose from the garden their perfume is so strong. This is not the same for roses that have been force grown. The main goal for growers is how to provide enough roses to sell at the auctions which are perfectly straight. They are grown using hydroponics... The roots have never felt natural soil and are pumped with chemicals to grow straight and strong.

Locally grown seasonal flowers are so much more unique. They are all different sized blooms, the stems are all different lengths and shapes and they smell devine. They will produce a much more natural look too. 

Grown Not Flown is the slogan for buying British Seasonal Flowers and are good for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint too.

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