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Who Has Flowers At A wedding?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Are you wondering who has flowers at your wedding? People who wear and carry flowers are a visual indication who the wedding party are and highlights that they are important to you.

Anyone you choose can have flowers but if you want to follow tradition this can sometimes be confusing who wears what.

So lets have a closer look at who wears / carries flowers on your wedding day.

Bouquets for Bride and Bridesmaids

Bridal Bouquets will tell the colour scheme and also keep nervous hands busy. There are many shapes to choose from... see my blog

If you are intending to throw a bouquet, then a separate tossing bouquet may also be required. It’s a lovely idea to have your bridal bouquet preserved so you will need a smaller version for the traditional bouquet toss.

Bridesmaids bouquets are a smaller version of the brides bouquet. They are designed to compliment the brides bouquet but often less full of flowers. Together with the brides they make for some stunning photos on the day. Alternatives could be a Flower handbag. Flower necklace, Fans with flowers, Flower hoops, Wrist corsage . Flower pomander.Flower garland

Flower Girl

Flower Girl's are usually the youngest members in the wedding party.

Baskets of Dried Petals or a wand are often associated with them although it is common for them to wear items like a flower crown or simple flowers in their hair.

Hair Flowers

You may wish to wear hair flowers for yourself or your bridesmaids depending on the hair styles such as a flower crown, hair comb or flower pins either fresh or dried.


Corsages are one of the main flower adornments to show honour to the person wearing them.

Who wears them?

The Brides mother

The Grooms mother

All the Grandmothers of both sides

Bridesmaids can wear a wrist corsage too.

Ladies corsages are traditionally pinned to their jackets or secured with magnets worn on the right side of their garment they intend to wear. They are called a lapel corsage. What most people don't know is they should have the flowers pointing downwards so the stem is pointing to the shoulder... A wrist corsage is a lovely alternative to the lapel corsage too. Corsages don’t just have to be worn on the body, they can also be pinned to handbags or hats.

Boutonnieres / Buttonhole

Who wears them?


Groomsman/ Best Man

The Brides Father

Grooms Father


Any Ring Bearers

All Grandfathers on both sides

Page Boys

Boutonnieres usually compliment the colours of the brides bouquet. They also reflect the style of the wedding. The grooms boutonniere will be fuller than the others. Attached with either pins or magnets and worn on the left side of their jacket approx 4inch/100cm from their shoulder.

The groom may also put flowers in their top pocket of their jacket too.

Thank you Bouquets

Traditionally Thank you bouquets are given to the mothers of the Bride and Groom during speeches.

They can also be given to bridesmaids or other people who have helped with special tasks.

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