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Ideas on Preserving your Bouquet

Updated: Mar 6, 2022


Brides have been preserving their wedding flowers for an eternity. However you choose to preserve them will always bring back so many memories and take you back to a special moment in time.

Pressing Flowers

This method allows you to hang your pressed flowers on your wall inside a frame be it wooden or glass

Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers look really pretty inside jewellery or key rings using resin. Remember to coat the dried pressed flowers with 'Mod Podge' or watered down PVA glue to seal them otherwise the resin can penetrate into the petals and turn them brown.

Dip your flowers in Wax

Using Paraffin or Soy wax.... your flowers will last a month. If you want them to last indefinitely you'll need to feed the live flowers in a solution of 2 parts water and 1 part glycerin. Feed them for 3-5 days prior to preserving the flowers in wax. I think I would practice with different flowers first.before attempting this on your bouquet.

Dry Them In Silica Gel

This gives a quicker and better result than hanging flowers upside down. Once dried bigger projects could be made like preserving whole flowers in resin or arranging inside a glass dome.

Or arrange inside a shadow box which gives a 3d effect. Enclosing flowers together with photos, Invitation, Menu and Poems etc making a memory box .

Preserving Whole Flowers in Resin

Will let you make larger items such as Paper Weights, Resin Discs and so forth.

Hanging Upside Down

Hang them upside down to dry in small bunches. Then arrange in a vase.

Eco Print

Have your Wedding flowers eco printed onto silk scarves. (If you have this done professionally it can be very expensive).

There are however workshops that will help you to get good results.

Dried Professionally

Send them off to be dried professionally to a Flower Drying Specialist such as Precious Petals (

They preserve them using special drying techniques and frame them in a 3d effect. The drying process takes 18 to 20 weeks. They can also add cards inside the frame together with button holes and corsages too.

Have them Painted

Have a professional artist paint them.

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