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Some of the Best Heat Busting Flowers for a Summer Wedding.

When the heat waves hit a scorching hot summer days wedding, it may be in your interests to choose flowers that can stand up to the sky high temperatures. Remember to keep as many arrangements as possible in water until the last minute.

A good consideration would be looking at Tropical Flowers and greens. Tropicals like Anthurium, Orchids, and King Protea. Singapore Orchids are perfect for a summer wedding. They love hot humid conditions and are available in a mass variety of colours.

Gloriosa come in a bright red, and from time to time orange and cerise. These are great for tropical events and vibrant colour schemes. Useful for buttonholes, bouquets and table arrangements.

Succulents and air plants can handle all the Summer heat you can throw at them.

Lisianthus and Carnations may look delicate but are also very hardy in hot temperatures.

Chrysanthemums These blooms are available in a great variety of sizes, textures, colours, and form from spiky right down to daisy like.

Dahlia's range of colours are extensive and breathtaking from vibrant reds to soft pastel pinks and whites in a variety of sizes and forms.

Lavender Perfect for a hot summers wedding when mixed with accompanying flowers like Geraldton Wax and Gypsophila can also be dried as a keepsake.

Other naturals like Sea Holly, Billy Button, Succulents and Lotus pods may also be considered.

Blooms like Hydrangea, Sun Flower, Ranunculus and Calla Lily are also good choices. Calla Lilies are usually white but can also come in a variety of other colours such as yellow, pink, orange, green, purple and black. They hold up very well as long as they are conditioned properly.

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