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For Hay Fever sufferers. Spring is the start of uncontrollable sneezing,

itchy eyes and runny noses,

You will find pollen often lingers longer in urban areas due to the pollution in the air.

For anyone allergic to pollen here are just a few Hay Fever Friendly Flowers that could be incorporated into a bouquet, or flower display.


Roses release a small amount of pollen. The tight budded varieties will further cut down on pollen exposure.

Rose the symbol of love comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.


A lovely flower filler, it comes in white and pink, also known as Babies Breath it gives a wonderful light airy romantic feel to a bouquet and can easily be dried. Look for a double flowered variety such as Gypsophila paniculata Flamingo. The gypsophila is so versatile, it even looks fantastic displayed on its own.


The Peony is pollinated by insects rather than the wind, so is a safe option.

Big and blousy they look fabulous in a bouquet. They always give a touch of luxury.

Peony colours vary dramatically.

Chinese or Garden peonies (Paeonia Lactiflora) include White Pink, Rose, and Red.

The Tree Peonies (Paeonia Suffruticosa) and Hybrid Itoh peonies expand the Peony colour to shades of Coral, Deep Purple< Mahogany, and bright Yellow.

SNAP DRAGON... Antirrhinum

Its tightly closed buds slows down the release of pollen.The white variety are particularly beautiful in an all white flower bouquet, teamed with round headed blooms.

Snap Dragons come in an array of colours and heights and add a touch of razzle-dazzle to a rustic bouquet.They have a country cottage feel.


Sweet smelling clover like scent, is also a good choice for the hay fever sufferer. Comes in a variety of colours such as White, Yellow, Pink to Red, Violet and Lavender. The grey leaves contrast well with the flowers.

Stocks stand for Lasting Beauty and a Happy Life.


Also known as the Sword Lily and all hay fever suffers will be happy to hear that they are very low on the allergen scale.Just like Peonies these flowers are also insect pollinated so present a low risk .


These differ from other Lillies as they are pollen free. They are one Lily that is the earliest to bloom.The smell is not so intense as other Lillies.

Available in the softest pastels to fiery REDS. Oranges and Yellows.


These little beauties add a lovely texture to a bouquet and low on the allergy scale.

The small star shaped floral bracts last a long time. Also known as Hatties Pincushion.

Astrantia makes a wonderful filler and accent flower in a bouquet. Its delicate flowers are either white, muted shades of Pink, or come in Purple or Burgundy.


Another pollen friendly choice, also insect pollinated.

Hydrangea are, and always will be a forever favourite when it comes to wedding flowers. The standard colours are White, Pink, Blue but Green Red and Purple are shades that are also available.

Other flowers include Clematis, Fritillaria, Carnations Yarrow, Daffodils, Tulips.

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