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Here are eight of the most popular flowers chosen for Weddings.










The Rose gives the feeling of luxury without being too expensive. That being said it all depends on the variety of Roses chosen.

They are available all year round and come in a variety of colours and sizes.

Being a very reliable flower, their shape is brilliant for working into many designs: Working well with formal as well as loose designs and modern or vintage styles.

If Peonies are not in season or you don't want the added expense you could use a blousy garden type of rose such as David Austin “Patience', 'White O'Hara', or 'Juliet'.


Brides clamber for the ruffled full flowers, and the most amazing scent. They make for some stunning bouquets and table centres and come in a variety of shades of Pink, White, Cream, Yellow, and Red.

They can work out very expensive if used out side of their growing season which is late April to June.

To cut down on the expense you could use them in maybe just your bouquet and the head table or mix them in with less expensive flowers.


I grow the beautiful Dahlia and can vouch for their versatility. My favourite of all time is 'Cafe au lait'. It is revered for its large saucer shape.

The flower symbolises FOREVER YOURS.

Dahlias are like the peonies of Autumn but can be less expensive than other popular wedding flowers.

Coming in many shapes, sizes, colours, and forms there will always be a Dahlia to fit into your wedding colour scheme and theme.


As it happens I also grow Sweet Peas... I love them. The ruffled translucent petals go so well into a mixed bouquet or as a stand alone bouquet. A huge range of colours are available.


Ranunculus are at their best in Winter-Spring available from January to May but can be ordered in for a December wedding. They have tissue like ruffled petals which are a cross between a rose and a peony but with fern like leaves.

Available in Pink, brighter tones of yellow, orange red, and White.

They can be used as a stand alone wedding bouquet or mixed with other Spring flowers. Because they stand up well out of water they are also a good choice for flower crowns and buttonholes. They also work very well with roses too.

Use them as a single flower in bottles as they look beautiful. Avoid buying any with yellowing or decaying leaves.


Hydrangeas have a big blousy and attention seeking quality. Garlands and arches made completely of hydrangea is perfect for any classically antique themed event.

They can be paired with almost anything from roses to eucalyptus to gerbera, daisies etc. the possibilities are endless.

Available from Mid Summer to Late Autumn. Bright pink, purple and blue and more pastel shades. The white ones can be spray tinted.

Good for bouquets, centre pieces, and floral arches. The stems range from 24” (60 cm) to 28” (70 cm) with a bloom 4 to 6 inches in diameter.


Orchids are so versatile and make a big impact in bouquets. They come in so many colours, varieties and shades and can be incorporated into so many styles. Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium Orchids are a favourite of many brides.


Grown in a wide range of colours and varieties. They can work well with every detail at a wedding. The parrot tulips are noted for their ruffled edges. French tulips are excellent and are noted for their long stems but tend to be more expensive.

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