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Dried Flowers: One Of The Hottest Trends This Year

Its time to forget their old fashioned reputation. Dried flowers are one of this years hottest flower trends.

They are so versatile and will suit all locations and styles such as Vintage, BoHo as well as a Contemporary or Garden Wedding.

You will fall in love with their sun bleached hues and variety of textures incorporating unusual blooms, seed pod, grasses and other long lasting botanicals.


Grasses Pampas, Purple Fountain, Sedge, Wheat Fern and Bunny Tail.

Leaves Eucalyptus Chrysanthemum leaves, Maple leaves.

Fronds Palm leaves , Ferns.

Branches Lunara, Honestly Plant, Cotton, Tallauberry, Pussy Willow.

Plants Billy Balls, Gomphrena, Artichoke Flowers.

Seed Pods Poppy Seed Pods, Physalis and Lotus Seed Pods.

Dried Flowers Hydrangea. Delphinium, Chamomile, Limonium,

Amaranthus, Babies breath, Roses, Sedum, Lavender, Carnations, Rice Flower, Protea and Helichrysum.

Are They Cheaper Than Fresh

I would say No... Don't get lulled into thinking this a cheaper option.

While they are thought of as a budget friendly option, dried flowers typically work out to be a similar cost to fresh.

They are a lot smaller so despite them being a little cheaper per stem you will need more to give the same impact. There are far more breakages with dried flowers so you have to allow for damages.

Bouquets aside there are lots of ways to incorporate dried flowers into your wedding day such as button holes, arches, backdrops, hanging installations, flower crowns, Hair accessories, table settings, garlands, chandeliers etc.

Dried flowers manage to temper the traditionally pretty look of wedding flowers making them more edgy. Dried flowers also combine well with fresh flowers.

How Long will Dried Flowers Last

A great eco friendly option; they last a long time making them a great keepsake for your home after the big day.

They should last at least 3 years but longer if you don't mind a little fading.

Give them a home out of direct sunlight and a gentle dust from time to time.

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