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Caring for your Hand Tied Valentine Roses In Aqua Pac

So you have received a beautiful Hand tied bouquet from your Special Someone. Follow these easy tips to help prolong the vase life for as long as possible.

Your bouquet can be left in its aqua pack for up to 48 hours. After this time the water will need to be changed. Snip the bottom of the water bag over the sink to release the water. Remove all packaging but do not untie your roses if you wish to keep the same shape as they were designed.

Use warm water to fill a clean disinfected vase: Too hot or cold can stress your Roses.

Add flower food (following the instructions on the packet). Forget about the myth of crushing stems, adding aspirin or lemonade it just makes more bacteria.

Remove the bottom 2-3cm off the Rose stem end and cut at an angle of 45 degrees with sharp scissors. Do not crush them as this prevents the rose taking up water.

Remove any leaves below the water line and stand in a deep vase.

Never scrape the stems as this will lead to increased bacterial growth.

Place your roses in a draught free location to prevent them going limp.

Keep away from radiators. Keeping them as cool as possible will make them last longer.

Avoid placing them near fruit as this can cause ethylene damage and shorten their life.

Remove any faded blooms and leaves as soon as possible.

Change water every 3 days.

In an emergency If the rose head flops cut the stem ends as above and stand in 25mm (1 inch)

of boiling water as soon as possible for 60 seconds.

Guard petals should be removed from your roses if they have been delivered with these on.They are petals on the outside of the rose that is supposed to protect roses, these are quite unsightly and it is quite safe to remove these.

But best of all Enjoy your Valentines Bouquets.

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