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Bridal Flower That Stands The Test Of Time plus DIY Rose Bridal hair pins

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The 'Rose' is the one flower that has always stood the test of time. I have never heard a bride tell me she didn't like roses and they are a constant in Bouquets, Centrepieces and Arrangements.

My personal favourite roses of all are the 'David Austin' varieties: With their intoxicating perfume they are the epitome of Romance.

David Austin was already fascinated with roses during his teens in the 1940's. His hobby became his life and during the 1950's set about cultivating a better rose releasing his first rose 'Constance Spry' in 1961. Today they are renowned the world over. With over 200 varieties having been released over his lifetime they are one of the most sought after and beautiful roses.

They come in many shapes, sizes, and textures. My personal favourite is O'Hara. But all roses are beautiful in their own right.

Below is a video you may enjoy on how to make Bridal Rosebud Hairpins for your own or your bridesmaids hair. They look so pretty entwined through.

Hair stylists love these because the long prongs help them to stay in place. They can be embellished further depending on your look and taste.

The flower I used is a classic small spray rose. They are such a hardy little flower!

Spray Roses

2 Prong Hair Pins

Parafilm Tape

Stub Wire 22/24 gauge


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