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Updated: Apr 29, 2022


Cascading Bouquets also known as Waterfall or Shower bouquets are a stunning trend that is coming back into fashion in a BIG WAY!

There is something incredibly romantic about a bouquet that literally cascades down the front of your dress like a waterfall.

These cascades are a modern version that was popular around 1910 and 1920. Again it had a revival in the 1980s with the marriage of princess Diana.

Modern day cascades have more texture than the 1980s and have a whimsical look that can add a lot of drama.

They suit any style of wedding gown but are particularly suited to Sheaf or Fishtail gowns.

For a traditional inspired bouquet your going to see flowers that includes Lilies, Roses, Stephanotis and trailing greenery.

To update a cascade to be more of the moment for today, its important to have a cascade predominantly of flowers that will fall naturally and effortlessly such as Orchids, Fritillaria, Clematis, Hellebore, blooming Jasmine or berries of the vine: Although any flowers can be used with long stems.

A greener fuller cascading bouquet gives a bride that beautiful organic rustic feel too.

These beautiful bouquets can be anything from 25cm upwards depending on how long you wish them to be. This type of bouquet can be glammed up or down depending on your style.

The average cascading bouquet has anything between 15 and 50 flowers.

To make this type of bouquet is very labour intensive especially if using the "Gold Standard" of hand wiring every flower stem. and foliage. Hence the expense.

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