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A Few Tips For Keeping Your Wedding Bouquet As Fresh As A Daisy On Your Wedding Day.

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

The custom of having a wedding bouquet dates back to ancient times when women would carry strong herbs and spices for reasons such as to ward off evil spirits and creating lust and fertility.

It wasn't until the Victorian era that we see wedding bouquets as we know them today.

Flower symbolism was hugely popular then and brides would communicate their romantic sentiments through the meaning of the flowers chosen. This practice has faded and many couples choose their flowers based on beauty and colour.

Your wedding bouquet is meant to be a complementary addition to the overall theme of the wedding and style of dress. Besides keeping hands busy it's an accessary, and a focal point. But even the freshest wedding bouquets need care to look their best or they could wilt very quickly.

It is important to check your flowers before your florist leaves. Make sure they are well packed in a flower box and your bouquets are in a water bubble. If this is not the case then put them in water vases.

A water spritzer is very useful for giving them a spritz from time to time as it will refresh them. If you can use Natural Spring water then all the better. Not too much though as they could become soggy.

Make sure the stems are dry before the ceremony in order you do not get water dripping down your dress, and if having trailing ribbons keep them out of the water vase.

If possible put your flowers in a cool dark room. If they are able to be stored in an air conditioned room turn it down and make sure the air flow isn't blowing on the flowers as it could dry them out.

Try to keep them in the box until needed if they are not in a water bubble or vase. Touching them could mark the flowers. Take a few photos but then put them away especially from small children until the ceremony.

Button holes, Corsages and hair flowers need special care too. These should be kept in a cool room until needed.

If it's a really hot day, you can place all the above in a fridge but make sure they are on a very low setting and low down in the cabinet as you don't want to freeze the flowers and make them soggy. They should never be placed in a drinks fridge as the moisture content in there is too high. Please remember that Orchids and Gerbera should NOT be placed in a fridge it is much too cold for them.

Once the ceremony is over if at all possible try and have spare vases of water to place them in. Laying them flat on the table could bruise and damage them.

These small tips will help to keep your flowers in pristine condition.

photographer @imogenevephotography

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