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8 Types of Bouquets to suit your Wedding Dress

Ever wondered what type of bouquet you should choose to enhance your wedding dress.

The Posy Bouquet will Suit All Shape of Bridal Gowns in particular a short hem lines.

This type of Bouquet is mostly flowers and little or no greenery. It is a small round bouquet tied with a decorative ribbon. It will suit all bridal shaped gowns and is very versatile. Perfect for small brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls as they are very easy to hold: Also good for short hemlines.

Flowers like Roses, Ranunculus, and Gerbera Daisies would make a beautiful bouquet.

Round Bouquet will suit all shapes of Bridal Gowns.

This bouquet is more structured than the Posy bouquet. Having more flowers than greenery. It is well balanced usually consisting of fewer flower types. Flowers like, Anemones, Roses, Peonies or any flower with a round bloom. It works well with either a Modern or Traditional wedding

Hand Tied will suit all shapes of Bridal Gowns.

This type of bouquet is a cluster of flowers and greenery arranged around leading flowers twisting as you go; These are then tied together with a ribbon. Flowers such as Hydrangeas and Roses or those with a fine stem with a full flower suit this arrangement

Crescent Bouquet will suit all shapes of Bridal Gowns in particular an A line Gown.

This type of bouquet can vary in size depending on the brides height and dress style. It is the shape of a half moon. The flowers flow over the hands and then narrow at both ends . Although it suits all dress types it looks particularly good with an 'A' line dress.

Flowers that suit this style have a natural drop like Cascading Ivy or Star Asparagus. Flowers to consider are Roses, Orchids, Ranunculas, or Lillies.

Cascade/Shower Bouquets all shapes of Bridal Gown in particular a Fish Tail and Sheaf Gown.

This type of bouquet can also be known as a Spray. They drape down like a Waterfall in a loose style. They look wonderful at a High End or Garden Wedding and look fabulous with a Fish Tail and Sheaf Wedding gown.

Almost any flowers can be used. They look particularly beautiful when using flowers such as Garden Roses and Orchids

Pageant Bouquet suits all shapes of Bridal Gowns In Particular a Sheaf or Column Gown.

This type of bouquet suits all bridal gowns but it is very well suited to a sheaf, column, and vintage bridal gown. It is also well suited to plus sizes for its length. It can be made either lavish or simple.

It fits into the crook of the arm and the stems are cut at a longer length and tied around the blooms.

Suggested Flowers are Calla Lillies, Roses, Orchids, Gladiolus, and Tropical Flowers.

Tear Drop Bouquets suit a Full Wedding Gown.

This bouquet is arranged to resemble a Teardrop narrowing at the tip. A lot of flowers are used. The arrangement flows downwards like the cascade but would be best avoided by brides with wide shoulders and hips.

Suggested flowers include Calla Lillies, Roses, and Orchid

A Pomander Bouquet will suit all shapes of Bridal Gowns in particular A line and Empire Style.

Although the pomander suits all dress types, it looks fabulous with an 'A' line or Empire Style dress. Arranged in a ball of oasis, this is also good for older flower girls and children to keep their hands free during the ceremony.

Flowers such as Gerbera, Daisies, Babies Breath, Lavender, and Roses are usually included. This type of bouquet is also suitable for small delicate flowers.

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