Price List

Prices vary on Seasonal availability and the choice of your Wedding Flowers.

The prices below are a general guide only. Please contact me for a personal quote.



Hand tied Bridal Bouquets from £100

Wired Cascading / Waterfall Bouquets from £200

Throw away bouquet from £50

Fresh Flower Floral Crown from £50


Bridesmaid Bouquet from £50

Wrist Corsage from £18

Flower girls Floral Crown from £45


Button Holes

Grooms Buttonhole from £12

Groomsmen Buttonhole from £10

Ladies Corsage (Mums) from £18


Ceremony Decor

Large Urn Arrangements from £180

Church Registrar front facing and trailing from £100

Floral Arch from £400

Garlanding from £25 per metre

Pew Ends from £13 each

Chair Back Decoration from £13 each


Venue Decor

Large Vase/Centre Piece Arrangements from £80

Small Vases and Jars from £20

Small Table Posies from £50

Small Pedestal /Urn from £100

Table Candelabra with Flowers from £80

Floral Arch from £400

Garlanding from £25 per metre

Chair Back Decoration from £13 each



Hanging and wall installation prices on request.

Pergola Beam Arrangements from £150.

Floral Clouds and Meadow /woodland walkways prices on request.

I am quite happy to quote for anything which is not included on the price list.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?


The cost of floral arrangements for a Wedding can start from virtually nothing to an average of between £1200 to £1500.


It is very helpful if 'Brides-to-be' are up front about their budget from the outset so that your Florist can design something beautiful and within their limit.


There are three main areas that can impact the cost:

Where your Wedding is to be held and where your Florist is based.

The time of the year you intend to get married.

The Floral order itself.


If your wedding is located a fair distance from your Florist then delivery charges will be higher than a local location to the Florist.

Some Wedding venues do not require a lot of decoration like a country mansion or stately home, but a blank canvas like a marquee will require a lot more thought and coverage thus being potentially more expensive.

The more blank space you need to cover, the more flowers you will need.

Things like hanging installations or wall decoration will be more expensive than simple table arrangements. If you wish to keep within a budget then it will be worth considering just the main areas of the ceremony and venue.

Garlands, Floral Arches, and Garlanding may be more impressive to your guests than lots of smaller designs. Consider using Greenery too as it is often less expensive than flowers but bring a lovely fresh feel to the venue.


The Wedding date can have a huge impact on costs. Flowers tend to be more expensive in Winter and certain celebration dates like Mothers Day, Valentines Day, and Christmas. If you wish to keep costs down order flowers that are in the season the ceremony is to be held. (Please see my blog on Why Choose Wedding Flowers By The Season (Sept 2020)). This method will give you better value for your money and you could also include more expensive blooms with seasonal flowers to bulk out the arrangements.

The more complex the arrangements the more time it takes to create them and the more expensive it will be. The same can be said for your bouquet. A simple hand tied seasonal bouquet with seasonal foliage is going to cost less than an opulent style.


So what can you expect for your budget?

£0 - £300

You could grow and include your own flowers and go totally DIY.

Go half and half creating your own reception arrangements with professionally made bouquets, and buttonholes.

If you are not keen on splashing the cash prices will vary on the types of flowers as mentioned above.



£300 - £650

You can consider including some table centre pieces into your order. You should expect to be able to order bouquets for yourself and your bridesmaids, and some simple table décor depending on the number of guests and tables to be used.


£650 - £850

This higher budget should allow for all bridal party flowers including bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, centre pieces for all the reception tables, and one larger floral display or isle arrangement.


£850 - £1200

At the £1000+ mark you have more choice when venue decoration is considered. This gives the creative bride the opportunity to express herself. This includes bride and bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, table centres, ceremony urns, bud vases, and up to 9 small hanging foliage hoops. Think about re-using arrangements from the ceremony location to the reception venue to make the flowers go further. Larger bridesmaids bouquets could double up as flower centre pieces.


£1200 - £1500

Expect the works... all bridal party bouquets and accessories, table designs, and ceremony flowers, a floral installation such as chandeliers, flower balls, garlands and floral archway.

  Currently  prices of flowers has risen considerably due to Covid restrictions being lifted on Weddings resulting in more weddings being held driving up the demand for flowers, and Brexit having an impact of blooms being delivered from the continent for the said increase in the number of weddings.


These are just guidelines as it stands at this moment in time. Prices may continue to rise or indeed they may start to fall over the next year but I hope this information gives any prospective Bride-to-be an insight when considering this important aspect of their special day.