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Wedding flowers for a small Wedding

So your big Wedding day was about to happen and then 'Covid' hit us.

Your Wedding was postponed and now you are only allowed to have 15 guests including yourself....... Arghhhhhh! 

But fear not: Yes I admit that it might not be what you planned for or expected on the biggest day of your life, but I can assure you that it will still be a magical and a awesome day to remember.

On the plus side, despite having to thin down your guests list it does mean that you can invest some of the free'd up funds into enhancing other areas of your special day.

Obviously being a Florist I'm rather biased as to what one of the areas should be at a wedding ..... Can you guess?...... Flowers.

Flowers are a luxury item in the modern world and having extra blooms around the venue on your wedding day will only make your Wedding feel and look more luxurious!

One concern that many brides to be have mentioned is that they can't get there heads around only having 15 guests and fear their reception will look empty!

This is where the Wedding Florists work their magic in reassuring you. 

Having additional flowers fill in the vacant space: Large floor standing arrangements replace those voids and makes the room feel more intimate and a focal point.

Hanging floral arrangements work well in large spaces as they visually lower the ceiling height, giving the impression of fullness. Plus what's not to LOVE about cascading flowers hanging above your wedding breakfast table!

Another option is to use seasonal foliage and flowers to decorate chandeliers and beams. 

Traditionally at a wedding there would be the top table and the guests tables. You would worry yourself to death about who to sit next to your Uncle Roger and where to place Great Auntie Doris not to upset your new family members. 

But as it is now a more intimate Wedding you will just need one large table for your nearest and dearest with maybe two or three other tables for your other guests... Headache eased regarding the seating plan! 

This opens up great opportunities for floral designs. Effectively the reduced number of tables are huge blank canvas' to design beautiful Wedding floral display's. 

Incorporating good quality candles, lush tinted crockery and exquisite glassware that on a bigger scale would had pushed you over budget can now be considered giving you that glossy Wedding Magazine inspired venue you were dreaming of. 

Why not add some fresh flowers to your napkins to add to the richness of your Wedding table that your budget will now allow you to do. 

Personalise EVERYTHING! it's your Wedding Day and you can enjoy deciding on the finer details now its not on such a huge scale. 

For example have the bride and groom chair back arrangements that just wasn't financially possible before: Having your foliage on the napkins hand guided with gold leaf. Please do have that extravagant floral head dress you wanted instead of the compromised flower buds hair pins. 

You still want the Wedding photos to look great, of course you do, it's your Wedding Day. The venue will be perfect for you because that's the reason you chose it in the first place. But by adding a floral backdrop the images will look fuller. Maybe a plush floral arch, giant floral hoop, moon arch, or a pair of pillar arrangements would work well in the space. The photos will look amazing! 

The use of draping curtains from walls and ceiling rails will enable you to section off a large room and prevent the room from echoing. In conjunction with the use of clever up lighting in your Wedding colour theme, the overall ambiance will look so luxurious you will question yourself why you didn't consider this before.

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