• Chrissy Thornton

Scented Pine Cones

Pine Cones absorb essential oils quickly which will enhance the aroma they already have.

Placed in a bowl at Christmas they look attractive and will scent the room.

They can be placed in an attractive bowl or packed in a box for a lovely aromatic gift. They are also nice to give someone who has an open fire too; as one or two thrown on will scent the room with an intense burst of fragrance.

What You Will Need:

20 drops of pine or cedar oil

Large Glazed China mixing bowl full of pine cones

Cling film

Gift Packaging (Optional)

Add 20 drops of oil to the pine cones tuning them as you go to disperse the oil evenly.

Cover the bowl tightly with cling film and leave to stand for a week to allow the oil to penetrate the cones.

After a week place the cones into a decorative bowl. The oil will slowly evaporate into the room. Once the scent has faded the cones can be revived by repeating the process above.

Or pack into a gift box with a bottle of cedar oil to give an original aromatic gift to scent the room or thrown on an open fire.

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