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Natural Dried Flower Confetti /Plus Summer Pot Pourri Recipe

Updated: Nov 22

I know its too early in the year to start but seed for thought maybe scrap the bird seed confetti idea. Why not try your hand at Natural dried confetti instead.

It is environmentally friendly, completely natural and most important so very pretty: If stored in a cool dry place it can last up to a year.

Roses,Delphiniums, Hydrangea's, and Dahlia's work well but try other flowers too.

Choose flowers in full bloom. Using petals that are turning brown at the edges will result in them turning very brown once dried so avoid at all costs.

  1. Take petals off whatever flower you are using.

  2. Line a microwave safe plate with a sheet of paper towel.

  3. Lay your petals in a single layer facing up on a paper towel.

  4. Lay another sheet of paper towel on top in a single layer.

  5. Put in the microwave on high. Here you will need to experiment as each microwave is different so start with 800watts for 1min 30 seconds. Then short bursts of 30 seconds until they are no longer damp. Make sure they are completely dry before removing and store in a sealed container until your Wedding Day.

One litre gives around six handfuls so 30 guests will need 6 litres.

Half a litre of petals will do approx one metre if you wish to scatter them down the isle

Tip... Red petals could stain clothing if they get wet.

Or Maybe turn some of the dried petals into Summer Pot Pourri.

How To Make Summer Pot Pourri.

Here is the list and method for making (Taken from Aromatic Gifts by Stephanie Donaldson).

30g Rose Petals (or your petals from the dried confetti could be used).

50g pink rose buds

50g Lavender flowers dried

30g Lemon Verbens dried

1 tbsp AllSpice

1 tbsp Cinnamon

1 tbsp Cloves

2 tsp gum benzoin

25g finely chopped oak moss

25ml almond oil

10 drops of rose essential oil

5 drops Geranium essential oil

2 drops ginger essential oil

  1. Mix dried petals... Rose buds, dried lavender and Verbena in a large bowl.

  2. Then in a separate small bowl mix allspice, gum benzoin and oak moss.

  3. Blend the almond oil with the rose, geranium and ginger oils and pour over the spice mixture.

  4. Mix the Spice and oil blend into the dried flowers.

  5. To Cure... Seal the pot pourri in a cellophane bag or lidded earthenware container, shake or stir twice a week. Allow to cure for up to six weeks.

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