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How To Make Your Own Traditional Mossed Christmas Wreath

Updated: Mar 2

When making traditional Christmas Wreaths its nice to put your creative hat on and take inspiration from nature. Often the most simple of decorations can be the most beautiful.

For Your Wreath You Will Need:

1 x 12inch Wire Wreath Ring

Sphagnum Moss

A roll of Binding Wire

Seasonal Foliage

Natural Decorations

1m x Ribbon (Colour and width of your choice)2m for double bow.

Heavy Stub Wires

You will need a pair of scissors.

  • Lay all the components out on the table.

  • Attach the binding wire securely to the wreath ring.

  • Take a fist sized ball of moss squeeze tight and lay it on the wreath ring next to where you have attached your wire. Now wrap the binding wire around the moss and pull tight. Keep repeating this process until the whole of the ring is covered. DO NOT CUT THE WIRE.

  • Take foliage and cut it to the length of your hand. Take small clusters of 3 bunches and wrap binding wire around to secure tightly. Make sure you go in one direction only, overlapping as you go to avoid gaps. Check from every angle to make sure you are keeping a good shape.

  • Once covered, cut the binding wire then twist this end to another piece of wire to secure.

  • Next it is time to wire all the decorations you wish to include on your wreath.

  • How to wire pine cones: Wrap a stub wire around the bottom of the cone, slipping the wire between the open scales, one or two wraps will hold all but the heaviest of cones. Twist the wire over itself to secure.

  • Whole Oranges: Push a stub wire through the slits of whole oranges twist together so you have a long piece of wire at the end of the decoration.

  • Orange slice: Push a stub wire through the orange slice. Twist wire as before to secure.

  • Once all the decorations have been wired up it will be time to secure them to your wreath.

  • Take your decorations either in clusters of 3 or scattered and push the wire(s) straight through the wreath and give it a tug: Fold the wire back on itself and into the moss.

  • How to Make A Bow: Take approx one metre of ribbon and find the middle. Scrunch the middle together... Taking one side of the ribbon, make a loop by joining it half way along its length to the centre and pinch it together with the centre of the ribbon. Repeat the same for the other side thus leaving two halves of ribbon hanging below the centre for tails. Take a stub wire and twist tight around the centre of the bow. To secure the bow at the top of wreath use the same process as for the decorations.

  • To Make a Hook: Take a stub wire... Find the middle and fold in half. Where you wish the top of the wreath to be, push straight through the moss... Make 2 hooks at the ends of the wires and pull back on themselves until they lock in place. Hang your beautiful homemade traditional wreath where it will be admired. I hope you have enjoyed making your wreath. I would love to hear how it went.

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