• Chrissy Thornton

How to make a Kissing Ball

Hang your gorgeous kissing ball outside in the porch or from a hanging basket bracket no longer in use for the summer hanging display or indoors near a doorway. These are not difficult or expensive to make and you can use things you find in your garden to add that individual touch.

In order for your creation to look its best you will need to get some Oasis. You can purchase this in a ready made ball shape or if unavailable you can trim a block(s) to an appropriate sphere shape between 10 - 15 cm in diameter as I have done to show you.

Once happy with your shape, cover the oasis with some chicken wire. Now get a length of ribbon and attach the end to a piece of stiff wire folded over at the end. Push this through the centre of your oasis and then back having looped over a piece of the chicken wire at the bottom (preventing the ribbon slipping through). Detach your ribbon and firmly knot it to some of the chicken wire at the top.

An alternative easier method is to use the stiff wire pushed through the oasis then folded back on itself to make a hook at the bottom. Pull this back up embedding the end over a the chicken wire and into the oasis. The top can then be formed into a loop so the ribbon can be put through for hanging later on. Take your Oasis ball and let it soak in water for 10 minutes letting it sink naturally.

In the meantime prepare your evergreen branches using material from the garden or country walks like evergreen shrubs, Holly, Ivy, Pine etc. Using pruning shears cut your material so that the average length is approx' 13cm: Strip the bottom 3cm of each piece as this will be inserted into oasis. Once stripped cut the end at an angle making it easier to insert.

Now fully soaked take your oasis and hang it up making it easier to create your design.

Distribute your foliage evenly around your sphere rather than completing one area at a time. Keep adding until the majority of oasis has been filled and hidden from view.

At this point you can add any additional floral items you wish... I used a few Roses and Orchids in mine and felt more Holly and Pine was needed.

To finish add a wired bow.

How to make wired Cones.

To do this take 15 – 20 cm of Florists wire slipping it into the grooves under the cones scales near the base of the stem.

Encircle the cone with the wire pulling it tight and twisting it on itself to secure leaving sufficient to stick into the oasis.

Tip: To keep it looking fresh spray every other day with water.

I gave mine to a dear friend to hang in her porch. I hope you give it a try.

Merry Xmas.


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