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DIY Wedding Invitation Folder with free .pptx files

I was looking up the Top Wedding Invitations and found Invitations with Botanicals, Wax Seals, String, and Dried Flowers (one of the HOTTEST trends at the moment). I loved them and being crafty I decided to have a go but make mine in a folder style. Wedding Invitation Folders are practical and modern enabling your guest to keep everything in one convenient place.The pocket folders are made with the thickest card your printer will accept mine is 250 GSM.

The fonts I used were 'Shergine' and 'Aurellia' (free downloads). The font colour code for RGB is 207, 181, 59 (Gold). To this end I chose to use 'Microsoft Powerpoint' but other options are available. I also used Vintage Botanical images.

The inside pocket of the wallet is stuck down using double sided tape.

Each individual insert can also be designed to your liking and printed on card (something like 160 GSM). I have provided the dimensions of each card (Card template included in PPTX format).

The Wedding Invitation Card itself measures 144 mm x 144 mm leaving edges to be crinkled cut on a guillotine or cut straight as desired.


Vegetarian Menu 136 x 87 mm

Traditional Menu 126 x 87 mm

Directions to Church 116 x 87 mm

Directions to Reception 106 x 87 mm

Evening Reception 96 x 87 mm

Taxi Service and Hotel 86 x 87 mm

Small Envelope for RSVP card 113 x 82 mm

Square Envelope measuring 155 x 155 mm

The words 'Wedding Invitation' on the front cover and the edge of the card have been embossed. This is done after the folder has been cut and folded. If you would like the words 'Wedding Invitation' to be raised then embossing is the way to go.


To emboss a message first it is important to use a Pigment Ink Pad which is slow drying, and embossing powder together with a special heat gun for embossing which can be easily purchased online. Using thick card will stop it from distorting.To get your printing in the same position every time a jig can be made to make life easier.

Once the card is inside the jig... printing with a rubber stamp can begin.

1) Press the stamp onto the Ink pad I used a Metallic Ink Pad by ARTISTE.

2) Press the stamp onto the Invitation.

3) Put the card on a piece of folded paper that will catch any loose powder.

4) Sprinkle the powder quite thickly over the message I used WOW! embossing metallic Rich Gold Super Fine.

5) Tap off the loose powder onto the paper and replace back into the container.

6) Using the heat gun hold the gun approx 15 cm away and move it up and down over the print until you see the powder change colour. Once the effect is raised the embossing is complete.

Finally once all the cards are inserted into the folder tie with string or embroidery cotton and put a wax seal on top (enclose dried flowers if so desired). The paper lining for the envelopes are easy to make.


Open the envelope flap and draw around the outside onto a piece of card... cut out. Draw around the card onto the print/image you wish to use, then take off 5 mm all the way round but 10 mm at the bottom. Insert into the envelope. Close the flap... re-open and stick the flap of the insert to the envelope flap VOILLA!

Wedding Invitation
Download PPTX • 526KB
Inset Cards
Download PPTX • 38KB

Feel free to use my card or use the template to enhance and adapt. The front cover 'WEDDING INVITATION' has been omitted in case embossing needs to be done.

These wallets are fun to make and give a personal touch.Saves a small fortune and are pretty.

I hope you will give it a try.

Love To Know How You Get On

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